Let us bring the wine to you

Let us bring the wine to you

We are open normal hours but encourage you to shop online.  Scroll down for some cheat sheets to shop our selection online.  Free daily neighborhood delivery Tues - Sat.  Weekly delivery everywhere in NYC.

As I write this on Thursday March 12th it's not clear exactly how things could or should play out over the next few weeks.  All we know is that our daily lives will become increasingly strained and it will be more beneficial to stay home than to go out in the city.  Earlier today we sent an email to our customers outlining what steps we've taken and what steps we plan on taking to maintain our service standards for you - additional sanitation, hand washing, and doorstep deliveries are the big takeaways.  You can read that email here

While we remain open for our regular hours we are encouraging you to shop either online or over the phone.  To make the online shopping a bit easier for  you we've created a few "Cheat Sheets".  If you'd rather call us and tell us to look up your order history or just to pick out some things for you we would love to talk to you.  718-398-1800.  We're really excited about the wines in the store at the moment, so please take a look at our selection using the links below.

Cheat Sheet for Online Shopping:

Be safe, call us when you need to re-supply, and try to enjoy some additional time with friends, family, and loved ones.


Greg Rubin, Owner

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