Welcome to Vanderbilt Wine Merchants Online

Welcome to Vanderbilt Wine Merchants Online

Thanks for walking through our virtual front door. As with our shop in Brooklyn, just holler at us if you’d like any help while you look around.

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Vanderbilt.wine, the online cellar door to Vanderbilt Wine Merchants highly curated collection of hand-crafted wines from around the world.

Our wines are separated into two virtual cellars – Current Release and Library Wines. If you’re looking for some young, fresh, easy drinking wines just select “Current Release”. If you’re looking for some older Bordeaux, classic Burgundy, or some other classic, collectible bottling, select “Library Wines”.  

In addition to the shopping part of the site there are two cool features that really have nothing to do with selling wine.  

Field Notes.  This is where you are now and it is the area where we will be posting all sorts of things that we find interesting in the world of wine, food, and all that good stuff associated with wine and food.

Food Pairing.  We have built an easy to use and hopefully useful way to search for wines to buy if you know what you are going to be eating.  We decided that an easy to use guide is better than one that covers every possible plate of food and every possible preparation style.  Play around with it and let us know what you think!  As with any wine recommendation, the Food Pairing section should be a guideline.  What we might consider a "perfect" pairing might not be for you.

Food and wine are subjective. Drink what you like.

Lastly, as a reward for reading this entire welcome note, here’s a tasty little discount code to get you 10% off your first order: VWMLAUNCH10


The VWM Team

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