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Wine Pairing


Finding the perfect wine-food combination is a true art form of living well. We'll take you through it in a couple of clicks. Let's get started.

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Pairs best with

Light and Bright Reds

Easy drinking reds that play nicely with the char of the grill.  These will drink well on their own too so pop one open while the bird is still on the grill.

Pairs best with

Old World Whites

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  Europeans have mastered the art of sauce, so naturally their wines are perfect partners.  Just match the color of the sauce with the color of the wine.

Pairs best with

Riesling or Chenin

Beat the heat with two grapes that provide natural sweet aromas - even when they are done dry.  Pay attention to the sweetness level of these wines but remember, the best way to cut that heat is with a tiny bit of sweetness on your wines.

Pairs best with

Ipecac and Regret

True Story - One of our good friends got out of a disastrous prom date by eating raw chicken the night before.  Was it the best idea?  Nope.  Do us all a favor and cook that bird!

Pairs best with

Grippy Reds

We are in “Slab and a Cab” territory.  You need a red wine with some tannic structure to cut through the richness of the meat.  Try one of these full bodied reds on for size.

Pairs best with

Rosso y Rojo

We’re talking Italian and Spanish Reds.  Spanish red are known for a beautiful dusty earth terroir character while Italian reds are known for their balance of fruit and savory herb elements.  Give one of these a shot.

Pairs best with

All About That Fruit

You need something to balance out that spice.  These wines all give you a lot of fruit aromas which will help beat the heat.  They are also lower in alcohol which is something to always look for when pairing with spicy foods.

Pairs best with

Loire Valley Reds

Go to any bistro or “cave à manger” in Paris and you will find two things: Steak Tartare and Loire Valley red wines.  Your ambition to eat raw animals is admirable but don’t get cute with this one..  Stick to this ideal pairing.

Pairs best with

Beaujolais All Day

Every little local restaurant in the Cru Beaujolais towns keep pork dishes on the menu all year round.  Why?  Because it’s freakin’ delicious.  Yes, you could do Syrah or a Rhône blend.  But if you want a pairing that will wow your friends, go with some Beaujolais.

Pairs best with


We’re talking Syrah here.  If you like the savory elements of Syrah - black pepper, charcuterie, bacon - go with a 100% Syrah.  If you like those notes balanced with the fruit character of Grenache and other Rhône varietals, stick with the blends.  Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Pairs best with

Aromatic Whites

So you’re thinking Mexican or Korean right?  We’re coming over!  Spicy pork dishes need bold white wines that can stand up to the heat and provide some nice savory and herbal elements to complement the pork.  Try these out and save us a seat.

Pairs best with

A Good PETA Lawyer

Are you just running around the forest hunting and eating pigs?  Good grief man get a hold of yourself!  Cook the damn thing before you tuck in.

Pairs best with

Warm Climate Whites

You can go with red or white here but our favorites are the Mediterranean whites.  Either way, you want a wine with real stand-out minerality.  These wines all have a real backbone to them that make for perfect grilled seafood drinking.

Pairs best with

Chardonnay Baby!

Chardonnay can get a bad rap - buttery, oaky, heavy.  Chardonnay is a grape that really highlights the winemaker’s touch, so many of them are balanced, crisp, and beautiful.   Stick with old world producers and thank us later.

Pairs best with

Cool Climate Whites

Cool climate white wine always does well with a bit of heat and with the brininess of the fish.  When it doubt stick with mountainous regions like the Alps or the Dolomites, or northerly wine growing regions like Germany, Oregon, or Chablis.

Pairs best with

Briny, Coastal Whites

Whether you're doing oysters or sushi you're going to want wines that show off a natural salinity. These wines all have a whiff of spray and generous minerality that will play up the freshness of your seafood.

Pairs best with

I'll Take GSM for $400 Alex

Stands for Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre.  These are Southern France grapes, and we’ve included a few sibling grapes as well to mix it up.

Pairs best with

Bring In The Funk

Looks like we’ve got an adventurous eater on our hands.  Now you have to back that up with an adventurous wine!  Channel your inner Gaul invader and sip on an unfiltered, natural, funky bottle of raw, living wine.

Pairs best with

New World Reds

There’s a lot going on with your food selection here, so you need a wine that can stand up to it.  Try one of these fruit-forward reds from some rock star producers.

Pairs best with

The Tears of Gladiators

Sounds like you’ve captured a wild animal and are feasting on its still-warm body.  What does it feel like to have vanquished your enemies and achieved all of your goals in life?  

Pairs best with

The Mediterranean

There are so many styles of wine being made on the Mediterranean coast and islands of Spain, France, Italy and beyond.  They also really know their vegetables down there.  Do as the locals do and drink these!  

Pairs best with

Sauvignon Blanc and Its Crew

Great Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect pairing for elegantly done greens and vegetables.  There are also a number of wines similar to Sauv Blanc that fly under the radar but are exquisite with a vegetable-focused dish.

Pairs best with

Bubbles Baby

Who doesn't like a cold glass of bubbles?  Indulge in the fun of a bottle of sparkling wine and have a great meal!

Pairs best with

Eastern Europe

Sure there's Grüner Veltliner but there are a bunch of other great wines East of the Rhine .  Lots of options for simple farmers’ market style cuisine coming out of Eastern Europe, and all would be perfect.